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Bug mounts

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Tons of the common bugs found in this game are quite large and having them on your side could be very useful. Only a few bugs can be mounted and you need a saddle to ride these. Most mounts wont fight for you or defend you unless they are fed a special item. The player can preform a special whistle move to call mounts to the player unless the player is threatened and or the mount is below the health amount specified below.

The first mountable creature and easiest one to craft a saddle for would be the Ladybug. The Ladybugs don't move very fast but are quite large and bulky so they can be used for transportation of resources. Ladybugs can be equipped with up to 2 chests. An extension to the Ladybug mount can also be added which allows the Ladybug to carry grass planks or stems (up to 20). If fed ladybug candy it will be able to attack and defend you but it will back down if it drops below half health. Can be called back with the Ladybug whistle move

The next mountable creature is the bee and is pretty difficult to craft a saddle for. The bee is for mobility and long distance travel. Since the player is so heavy they can only fly for a bit (can be upgraded) The Bee gets a stamina and movement penalty when the players inventory is over 3/4 full. Bees have a stamina bar that if depleted will make the Bee fall to the ground, hurting it and the player and damaging the saddle, having your inventory filled over 3/4's full they will use more stamina and move slower. The Bee can be fed bee candy to attack and defend the player but will back down if it drops below 1/4 health and will fly away. Can be called back with the Bee whistle move.

Another mountable creature is the Roly poly (Sickly roly polys not included) and it is the hardest to craft a mount for. Roly polys are used for melee combat primarily. They can be equipped with spiked armor to deal more damage and take less damage. Roly polys are more feisty so they might attempt to buck you of if you work them to hard. The Roly polys don't need candy to attack and defend you because they already do so. Roly polys fight for you until they drop to 1/8 health then they escape. They can be called with the Roly poly whistle move.

The next mountable creature is the Bombardier beetle and is pretty difficult to craft a mount for. Bombardier beetles are used for ranged combat primarily and transportation secondarily. They are very aggressive towards the player unless given Bombardier beetle candy. Bombardier beetles can be equipped with either a storage mount to allow for carrying items (20 items) or a damage enhancing mount. Bombardier beetles only have a certain number of ranged attacks until they need to recharge. Bombardier beetles can be called with the Bombardier beetle whistle.

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