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Game changing suggestions ;)

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Hi guys,
I've been playing this awesome game since the beginning and i think i got some great idea's for the future.


Wouldn't it be nuts if there was an area with a cooler box full of ice cubes, flipped on the side.

The ice cubes can then be hammered to craft some kind of refriderator ( maybe with Rolly Polly pieces).
A refriderator would be great because now preparing multiple meals makes sense.
I like to prepare myself for an adventure. With our current meal system you need to get into the yard as soon as you baked your meal because it spoiles relatively fast.

And deep inside the cooler-box has a predaceous Grylloblattidae (also know as the Ice Crawler Insect) made its home. Bossfight baby!  (drops pieces for the Refriderator maybe?)


Make spikes clip on walls.
Now they are terrible to place them the way you wan't to.
Maybe make a couple more spikewall variants , like a spikewall made out of mosquito heads and bee stings.


3. More air-defense


 - A spiderweb trap to make the airborn insects get stuck

 - Salty slingshot to shoot multiple Salt shards into the air with a stun effect so that the flying insects drop down to the ground. This is verry OP, thats why i think its beter that it can only be used with Saltpieces instead of regular stones.  ( you have to place 5 pieces in the slingshot bowl in order to shoot it).
Picture the bowl of the slingshot like the bowl of the sapcollector. Only then its filled with salt shards instead of sap )

Bonus : Maybe make a Ice Slingshot aswell in order to slow them down

- A shooting spike trap with a trigger (line of spiderweb). Think about it as the dispenser on minecraft

- A stamp spike trap with a trigger that slams down to the ground when activated


Hope you guys get some inspiration out of this.

Lots of love










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