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User Interface Quality of life improvements

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Radial dials are not everyone's bag baby and since many games already offer something akin to tapping left bumper to tab through hotkey'd items and hold left bumper to open radial it would be nice to see that implemented here.  I know I myself am not exactly quick on the radial when caught unawares.


Many people are either lazy, don't like clutter or both and in their honor I would beseech the to offer a sort items option for all forms of storage.  Autostacking like items would be a must.


Maybe aggressively throwing your favorite weapons or tools while wandering down the stairs or admiring the lake is little . . . how you say . . . .hmm, counterintuitive.  (yes some peoples gaming fingers can have a mind of their own) And maybe being able to throw every item isn't entirely necessary.  Maaaybe - tools and bashing weapons could just be left out of the mix.  As much as I agree that stacked throwing axes would make an awesome addition to the game, I would rather not throw my one and only personal axe if I can help it. 

Yes, this is a overexaggerated way of saying I randomly throw things I shouldn't, please help me.

That being said I do love throwing stacks of grass and stems at insects.

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