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Daddy Long Legs and Tier 3 Spear

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Daddy Long Legs! Adding daddy long legs would be terrifying. Imagine there being a wolf spider which has a big body, and a daddy long legs with a small body, but the way the legs move would be horrifying. The small body of it would be high up in the air (maybe high enough for a jump attack) and its creepy small mouth, and it dips down to attack, lunges forward with its legs etc. The drops would be its legs and something like more spider fangs or what not, but the legs could be used for a tier 3 spear. It could use the legs (which are durable I guess) and a spider fang and something else that's harder to get to make a poison spear.

Tier 3 spear: Like the mosquito needle the recipe would be something like: 2 daddy long legs, spider fangs and some other hard drop either from the daddy long legs or something else idk.

Attacks: The attacks could be weak with very strong venom (cause they have really toxic venom but their mouths are to small for humans, but not anymore!) and use the legs for lots of attacks.

Whatever it may be, if you see this, thanks for reading.

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