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Base Safe Zone

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Allow players to have a single safe zone on the map for their main base.   This would be a space where no insects would spawn and insects wouldn't come into.  This could be a predetermined area or areas, that you have to do a series of quests to enable or could be something that is created anywhere on the map by a device crafted from unique objects that must be found across the map. 


If it is a modular device, let it be something like a tower that can be disassembled for its unique objects but you must get the common crafting ingredients for the entire tower again to set it up somewhere else.


Instead maybe it's some sort of four point invisible fence much like a dog collar, with each point of the fence required to be planted within a certain range of the previous one.  The safe zone would extend vertically to a certain preset distance.

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bad idea because you waste all the team effort by making aggressive insects to the bases.
Because I say this for the sole reason that it makes it easy for players to kill insects from safe areas, imagine a safe area and put the flame bugs on you start killing insects like crazy without taking damage.


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