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I think that making a dlc for a new yard to explore with bigger and stronger enemies would be an awesome feature for the game in the future. The idea I have now is that when activating the mysterious machine or spac.r it lures the crow to the bright lights and when it spots you it can carry you to a different yard. This yard however would be more like a normal yard. We can assume that Wendell Tully thoroughly removed all large animals from his yard hence the lack of anything bigger than a spider. There would be bigger animals like frogs small lizards and maybe even a garden snake a boss. This would introduce new materials to the game and more challenge. Another thing that I think would be interesting is if there were a stray cat that visits every few days that players must hide from. This would act like the Coi in the pond as a entity not meant to be fought but to hide from as not to die. To make it fair the cat would need an announcement to make its presence know otherwise it may kill unsuspecting players. There are details like if you could make a repeller to keep it away from your base or what it could do to structures but this would need further thought by the developers. I just hope that they add more to this great game because I think that many players would agree that I wish there was more.

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