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MIX.R repair feature confusing - Not clear what is required to repair it

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I was watchin my spouse play the new 13.x content and after activating the MIX.R without knowing what it was. She thought it could not be repaired after it was attacked and broke down. She pressed X for "Repair" (on the controller) as it reads when she approached it, but nothing happened, so she assumed it was buggy or could not be repaired.

On purpose I did not tell her what she had to do, becaues I wanted to gather feedback for you that it could be an issue to understand the requirements for how to repair the MIX.R. I was right. She even loaded a previous save to try again but still failed defending it. Finally she gave up, assuming it was a one-attempt trial, where you would either win or lose, but whatever the outcome, it would be permanent.

When I realised how confusing this could be for some, I decided to write this feedback for your guys.

ℹ I only know how this feature works because I had been watching the dev team introduce the feature.


My suggestion

I suggest to add information that you need the repair tool to fix it. Maybe add a repair tool icon above the broken MIX.R :)

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