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Good factional reputation

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I think in addition to bad factional waves there should be good factional waves where you could work as a community with certain bugs like the red ants/bees/black ants and termites as an example. This should be told via burg.l giving a quest or a tip from him. The good factional reputation should work by not killing many of the certain bugs and doing good for them (like maybe giving/offering food to the red ants or providing your service when they need help). 

When your good factional reputation reaches a certain level they should see you as a friend and provide their assistance in wave bases triggered by other bugs coming to raid you, they would also act very friendly around you and not attack you on sight.

It's should be harder to win over certain factions the higher the tier of bug (like maybe termites).

If you start killing your new friends the good reputation decreases.

Hopefully I explained that clear enough for everyone and I would love to see this addition as it would give more meaning to bugs and in a way, pets!

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