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Crashing to desktop since the new update.

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Hi all, been playing with a couple of friends for quite a while and we've had the odd issues but there's not been anything really that serious. Since this new update though i am getting a lot of crashes to desktop. Between 7 - 10pm this evening we have experienced 5 crashes to desktop and i've had to start making saves manually so we don't loose too much as the crashes are really random. 

I host the game if that makes any differences. I haven't tried single player so not sure if its an online issue or not.  

System Specs:


32Gb DDR5 Ram

RTX 3090 (Driver version 512.77 up to date as of 2 days ago)

Windows 11 Pro version 21H2

Running the game from a gen4 NVME through Xbox Game Pass

I've attached a dxdiag file but I'm not sure if there are any game logs i can attach to help.

I appreciate the game is still in development and not polished/finished yet but just wondered if anyone has any ideas?


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