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New bugs/animals

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Everyone's probably thought of these, but just throwin em out there:

  • Flies: Found in the garbage pile the most, but also found around soda cans and juice boxes, and will attack anyone touching their trash.
  • Grasshoppers and crickets: It'd be great to hear more grasshopper and cricket noises at night, and see them jumping over the grass. They should be neutral or hostile (maybe killing them gives you stuff to make string instruments for fun).
  • Wasps: A much more dangerous threat than bees. They'd attack on sight, and be much tougher to kill. They'd be seen around soda cans and juice boxes like flies. Maybe a wasp nest and wasp queen boss.
  • Worms: mainly just a decoration bug, not used for much, except maybe for the slime on them. They'd move around like grubs, but much larger.
  • Butterflies: Seen around flowers and high in the tree, and very harmless. Maybe drops wings to glide with.
  • Moths: Seen only asleep in the day, and flying near big lights at night. Maybe attracted to base's lights, and bites on the roofs, like they would with clothes in cartoons.
  • Frogs: We've seen the tadpoles, but it doesn't make sense to have tadpoles with no frogs. They'd hand around the pond on lily pads, eating flies, gnats, mosquitos, you, etc.
  • More birds: Woodpeckers, blue jays, red cardinals, stuff like that. Just as decoration, but maybe the smaller birds could be more of a threat, and pay more attention to you. They'd drop different feathers for customization of things that need crow feathers.
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The worms could provide a hide used for further armor upgrades possibly? Perhaps they could be found in a garden area or even mainly underground. Perhaps under the wood pile?

Bees don't seem to be as neutral as they're supposedly are. Terrified by wasps and I can only imagine what they would do.

I can see the butterflies being introduced around the flowers or maybe the Upper Yard to the left of the house. They can drop pollen, too. Wings for a glider! Or hang glider!

I really like these ideas. Thanks for sharing them!

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