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Quick Summery:

Add dragonfly

Dragonfly eats mosquitoes

Tame dragonfly and fly around the yard but watch for the bird


Idea: in the small upper pond that's not in the game yet you could add a bunch of mosquitoes and a dragonfly that eats them (when the dragonfly eats a mosquitoe you do not get the drops because that's op unless you Tame the dragonfly) and you could use a hard to get slurry to Tame it and an expensive saddle (takes material from multiple bosses ) to ride it, but being able to fly around the map is op so you can make it so the bird will try to eat you when it sees you.

Or maybe you could just kill the dragonfly and make a glider


If you have any similar ideas put it in the comments, NO idea is a bad idea

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To build off the glider idea, maybe they could add moths at night and butterflies during the day. We could strap the wings to our backs and actually glide, not just slowly descend like we do with tufts. Then again, I'm not sure theres enough high areas that an actual gliding gadget would come in handy for.

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