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The new anti cheese mechanic (jumping insects) is great, lets remove the other, redundant mechanic

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There is a new anti cheese mechanic, the insects jump, that while it can still be improved, is a good anti cheese mechanic, loreful as well. The enemies replenishing health is a temporary anti cheese mechanic that was useful not to make ranged combat trivial, but is now redundant.

In fact, if you now play with the new rules "insects can chase you by jumping" you can have very fun encounters, using ranged, shooting a little, running, climbing, changing the branch cause the spider also jumped etc, but gets broken / in conflict with the health replenish mechanic, making enemies replenish their health a couple times when they cant trace a path to you for a nanosecond, then they find it, and while at a 1-3m distance, they get their health replenished.

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