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Armor upgrades can be great

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Many people have been discussing the armor upgrades and some key points seem to be that they cost too much to upgrade and most early game armors will not be upgraded and used in the later game. I enjoy some of the early game armors and the perks could be viable so a suggestion I would like to make is possibly having armors have up to 6 levels of upgrades instead of 10. But while doing this is you have a tier 1 armor it would then be upgraded to a tier 2 armor and have to be leveled again. So yes it would take a lot to upgrade a lower tier armor but they are easier to get vs not having to level up a tier 3 armor as much but it was harder to make as well. And this leaves the possibility of then making that tier 3 armor tier 7000 or however many tiers are made to go. Then if you really like an armor set you can continue to make it viable if you wish to upgrade it.

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Well heres the thing I find fascinating too from both a theme and gameplay standpoint. Why wouldnt the kids upgrade their armor with superhero like active abilities?


I should be able to create a clover poncho upgrade that makes the armor a glider, batman style.

The Roly poly armor could have been given an active immunity shield.


The bee armor could have BUILT IN Shinobi sneezes which let's be honest no one uses at the moment so the codes there just throw it on bee armor which is the armor you want for ranged kiting anyway right.


The spider armor should have an activate poison ability where your weapon doesn't matter and you choose when and where you activate the poison instead of a proc.


Ant armor can be changed to allow a worker or soldier ant pet while worn as a possible upgrade (maybe paving the way for pack mule ants and tying into that pheromone system hinted in notes)

Passive upgrades are fine as an upgrade pathway but we should be given some agency to apply certain upgrade kits to armor sets that cater to playstyle builds.

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I agree having ability upgrades to armor should be added. The abilities could tie in to the upgrade tier they become, like when you get the clover armor to tier 2 then it gets the wings added and a percent bonus to passive abilites. Or depending on if you choose sleek or bulky it will either get wings, have a different ability or have a bigger increase in passive abilites. 

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