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Weed Stem and Grass Plank Delivery Idea

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I really like that Weed Stems and Grass Planks can be transported via ziplines, but those move from high elevation to low elevation. Currently, there isn't a reliable method to transport stems and planks from low to high. A person can chuck those items, but that's not a reliable delivery method. I think it would be very helpful to have a plank and stem ballista with a spiderweb catcher. Thus it would be two objects. The ballista that you can build next to wherever you're harvesting stems and planks and a spiderweb catcher which you would build at whatever location you want to transport the stems and planks. Recommended materials for the Ballista: 10 Bug Rubber, 6 Silk Rope, 10 Weed Stems, and 4 Clay. Recommended materials for the Spiderweb Catcher: 10 Silk Rope, 8 Weed Stems, 4 Clay, 10 Thistle Needles.

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