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New torch feedback/suggestion for possible charcoal lamp

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So first off, I love the new charcoal torch. Its super bright and extremely satisfying to use, at least for me, as I always carry like 4 torches. With that being said, since its a tier 2 item, I feel it should last longer than an upgraded tier one torch, and I feel as though it doesn't. I've had to repair it much more often than I had anticipated. It bothers me, but it also kinda doesn't, because at least the charcoal is becoming more useful and needed than it was previously. Which leads me to the idea for charcoal lamps now. Doesnt really need much explanation. I just want a rich illumination to my bases, so I don't have to keep running around my base with the new torch as often. While yes I could turn it off, it looks so much better to me than the sap lamps that I have now.

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