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Curious if anyone has experienced this or has any solutions: so I loaded into the PTS on, Xbox Series S, few crashes here and there no real big deal [I am NOT allowed to peep the diving spiders lol] but the thing that is bugging me [lol] is the faction system. Is there a cool down or something on the anger the bugs feel? Immediately upon entering the PTS I was aggroed by ALL red ants and Ladybugs. Now to be fair I had removed sizable chunks of their populations prior to BSB, but should that have really triggered the faction system? And it's fair if so [78 ladybugs and 189 red worker ants] but how long are they supposed to remain aggro? Is it intended to permanent once you pass the aggro threshold that all species are ALWAYS aggro? Thanks for looking and any input. Stay Grounded.

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