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Playing on Xbox game Pass, everything is fine until I go into 'Motare o Kozi' then the right trigger doesn't bring up the dial and 'left on d pad' doesn't work so you can only search for objects and move manually. Aloth is standing in the centre of the map by the dial, he has basic dialogue, joins in fights but can't move so can't attack even though he's not in party. After completing the mission the bug carries on as you immediately have to fight captain Pai (if choosing that option) but now the right trigger doesn't pull up the skills menu. Aloth is there again but movable even though hes not in party. After killing everyone in the naval battle the game doesn't register its finished so you just walk about freely with no way to exit. I have tried escaping from Pai but this happens on every ship battle and fight so I can't progress. I'm going to go back to a save before 'Motare o Kozi' and never go there.. but if anyone knows what's happening can they get in touch? Is the game just unplayable?

Edit: previous saves are also showing signs of bug. There is also audio of a crashing wave which seems on repeat, I vaguely remember an event happening whilst traveling to Tikawara which was a large wave, I failed to avoid it. Bug might have started then. I'm too far in to start again, any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm enjoying the game.

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