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Inventory addition including organization and a space increase.

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Have you ever prepared for a exciting adventure into the unknown, a potentially dangerous territory, or a hardcore challenging battle; if not, you will have plenty of opportunity to do so with the new and future updates you are capable of experiencing in the future of grounded. When gathering your stored resources and equipping your respective gear there is almost always one obstacle standing in your way, inventory. Regardless of the size of your squad, inventory has always limited the experience of almost every survival game but their are improvements that could be added to tackle this problem, so grab your Lemon Crime and let's buzz through these fresh new ideas!

  • Side Pouch/ Side Bag (This could be used to store small items like springs, pebbles, sunken bones, potions, daggers and many more) This could be crafted with berry leather, silk, and a slitter to clip it. The materials can be modified by the OBSIDIAN team 
  • Side Pouch / Side Bag + (This is an upgraded version and allows you to store more larger items, more upgrades can be applied by the OBSIDIAN team) This can be found by a burgle chip or just bought by burgle.
  • Quiver ( With 10+ different arrow variation it takes up a majority of space to carry them around within your backpack, so a arrow quiver that can be strapped around the player will be beneficial) This can have similar materials to the pouch, can be modified by the OBSIDIAN team. Maybe once equipped for the player Max he can say a Green arrow quote.  
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