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Plants and bugs and more caves

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Besides getting better weapons and armor and shield and maybe being able to upgrade armor like u can weapons why don't u guys add like a Venus fly trap that can be setting on the porch by the shed or house or maybe in a garden or maybe some poison ivy or poison plants to make it difficult in areas.  

 Also add more caves it's a big back yard make tunnels from one side to the other make it to where if u add weather like uve talked about we could build in the caves tunnels that would be cool. 


 Add more bugs and bosses primantis, daddy long legs, worms, Flys, June bugs, hornets, dragon Flys and more. Make new tiers of armor allow us to upgrade them like weapons add more new weapons shield even can be upgraded base defenses weather season change. More areas this game has so much potential its out of this world what u can do with this.  Let us be able to fly on bugs or make a glider there can be alot to add to a game like this don't let it go to waste this game is way to amazing to be like every other game made these days. U guys and girls actual build something that people will love for a long time to many games get made to fast no heart no soul in it any more keep up the good work and thanks for this game..

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