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Suggestions for Milk Molars upgrades

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In addition the the buffs we already have, add here some suggestion you want to see for the Milk Molar system.

The ones I'd like to see:

  • Inventory space
  • +X% to all weapon durability
  • +X% to all armor durability
  • +X% to all consumable duration/durability (torches, meat, smoothies...)
  • Hauling capacity
  •  +X% Damage for type of weapon (slash, stab, smash...)
  • +X% Defense for type of armor (light, medium, heavy)
  • Dodge chance

Personally, I think the "Damage for type of weapon" and "Defense for type of armor" are most needed to create character identity.

Maybe I come back with more!

what's your ideas?


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