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End Game / Getting Big

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An arc for finishing a game:

Upon installing the final missing Burg.l chip, Burg.l gains access to encrypted data revealing the location a secondary control lab to repower and operate the device.  After a series of objectives are completed, the device powers up and is ready to unshrink the player.  Additionally, it can be that the device's reactivation attracts the Boss spider to it, gauranteeing an encounter with the mob, assuming the player(s) haven't already dispatched it previously.

After this is finalized, the next step can be new yards(levels) for players to explore, with unique biomes and recipes for flavor.

Individual character creation with a selection of voice packs to choose from would also be a fine addition.

Worker ant training makes perfect sense.  Plus, having one or a few ants fighting spiders with you would be epic!

And maybe rain, maybe. Still thinking that out some...

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