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My thoughts and ideas!

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I think there should be some new landmarks. Maybe a playing card, maybe a water bottle, just some things to make the backyard feel more lived in. 

Please add some sort of counter to explosions. Like a specific shield that protects you from them, just something because I am finding that at times bombardier beetles feel stronger than wolf spiders. 

There should be some new, more difficult modes. Woah mode isn't a big challenge in my opinion and would like to see some sort of difficult mode. And in different modes, there should be some spawn differences. Maybe something as little as adding a few more mite spawns or something as big as adding new wolf spider spawns.


I think that some of the bugs should travel the map in packs rather than being alone all the time. For example, I normally see ladybugs alone. What if they came in groups of three? They could travel around the world together as a group.


Again, to make the backyard feel more lived in and interactive, why not have more bugs be hostile towards each other? It feels weird seeing these bugs only want to fight the player, especially the wolf spider. Seeing it being perfectly fine with some larva under it feels odd. And something that would fit well with this idea is new passive bugs. Currently there are only aphids, weevils, and gnats. Why not add some more? However, if there are more bugs, there shouldn't be too many.

If/When a new insect boss is released, I would like to see some sort of set you can make between the three pieces of armor. Broodmother helmet, termite breastplate, and a new boss's greaves.


Bugs raiding your base. If you ever implement this, I would like to see some more defenses


Taming bugs would be nice to see, not necessarily mounts but being able to tame bugs to fight for you would be awesome. 

Servers holding more than just 4 players. I know this would kinda break the story but maybe in some sort of pvp driven server you could have like 8-12 people. This would go well with the taming I mentioned earlier. Imagine a castle having tamed bombardier beetles shooting out at the other group of people raiding the castle with their ladybugs and rolypolys while the players shoot at eachother, it would be great for co op pvp as it could be 4v4 or potentially even more people could join. 

Some more building materials would be nice, I'm kinda getting tired of looking at the same weed stem wall for my house or the same mushroom bricks for my castle (by the way, mushroom bricks are fantastic). This is especially needed for roofs as we only have 2 types.


Fix anthill please... Anytime I walk by it my FPS drops

Rename mint mace back to mint mallet.

Fix shields, they seem over powered, especially with termite axe.

Buff Broodmother, when I first defeated her it felt way too easy (mainly because of the over powered shields)

A big glitch, it wont let me access my ancient save files. I wanted to revisit my world from 1.1 however it crashes the game when I try to load it.

Fix mosquitoes, they are way too persistent, they will chase me from one side of the backyard to the other.

To finish this off, I want to say that, despite the fact that I have a few complaints, this game is amazing. I love building giant bases and buffing up my gear to the maximum. I love all the fights and all the chaos that happens in the backyard. The game is truly magnificent.

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