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Grounded more difficult on multiplayer?

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Is Grounded more difficult when playing alone on multiplayer vs single player?  It feels difficult to kill ladybugs or mosquitos when solo on multiplayer, but I watch people on YouTube solo'ing wolf spiders and mosquitos and taking no damage while getting a perfect block every time.

It does make sense it would be more difficult since you have the option of having friends help you, but I'm curious if anyone has experienced the same frustration when trying to play alone in a multiplayer save.

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I've also watched these YouTube videos and what they don't tell you is that they're playing on Mild diff and have maxed out their Molars and other advantages. My daughter and I couldn't figure out why the online guys just seemed SO strong until we tried Mild and our game became as easy as theirs, but accepted  the challenge and went back to Medium which is more gratifying when you do succeed.

But the game does have multiplayer scaling and it's more noticeable on huge enemies like bosses or things with tons of life.

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