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Was playing a bit and found myself stuck on top of a fence surrounded by spiders with nothing but peblet weapons to arm myself. Jumping down would mean certain death via murderous giant arachnids, so I needed some way to get them to leave the area so I could flee. Finding no such solution meant I was outta options and forced to load an earlier save (Or Die and be forced to leave my stuff in the spider den). Anyway I tell this story to help pitch my idea (That I’m sure someone else has already suggested, but whatever): The ability to use the Huck feature not just to hurl things at your enemies or to discard unwanted splintering spears, but as a means to distract enemies to get them to leave an area. Many games (Typically Horror, as those eight legged demons tend to be) have this feature. Simply throw an item to make a noise, drawing the attention of whatever may be trying to eat your beautiful face, causing them to investigate. It could create for an interesting alternative to combat, especially at low “level” (Not an RPG, but you know what I mean). Back in my earlier situation, on the post, surrounded by death monsters patrolling, I heave a stone to the brush, causing nearby Nope-Nopes to walk away from their current path, giving me a better opening to make my escape. 

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