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Trail Markers

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Can Trail Markers get some options? I'd like to be able to have a range selection with the Trail Markers on the HUD, I don't need to see the ones super far away, can there be a Range clip slider? say from 100cm- 500cm, or unlimited = As it is now?

Also if i could select on the map which of my trail marker icons I see on the HUD would be great, I want to mark a spot for a resource, but i don't really need to constantly see it either. Maybe I could marker a Trail Marker as "Map Only?"
It's rather taxing to turn on the Trail Markers when there's many of them, vs when they're all off.

It would be great to have a way to reduce the amount of HUD Trail Markers show on the HUD based on my range to them, also having the ability to turn off displaying them or not on the HUD completely.

Thanks for all your great work! Such an incredible game!

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