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Logging into Microsoft Inventory Bug

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Grounded is a great game, however there are still things that needs fixed as it is just a early release currently. I don't mean to give the Obsidian Team a even harder job than they already have bug I would like to notify them about a bug that happened to me twice when I log in through Microsoft. Previously me and a friend used to play all the time in multiplayer, however they stopped playing so I converted to single player. Doing this didn't make me concerned about relogging into Microsoft as I was not in multiplayer, but when I finished all the story line and all the quests I started getting bored. So I moved on to achievements and realized shortly after that steam doesn't give them to you unless you are logged into Microsoft. I went to log into it then shortly realized that it moved only me and my inventory back to the last time I saved logged into Microsoft. (about 2 months ago) This didn't affect any of the buildings or bases I had built but did make me and my inventory go back to a 2 month year old save. Please fix this as I lost over 10 hours of progress to level up my weapons and other gear. Thanks for reading this and I wish you a great day.

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Also I forgot to mention, I did try reloading previous saves, restarting my game, and a few other things but none of them have seemed to fix it quite yet. Another thing I forgot to mention is because the world its self didn't change my milk molar and mutation stats are messed up for good.


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