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New Biome Ideas + Building Ideas

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Biome: Garden, next to The Shed

   Produces resources: Tomato, Peppers

    New creatures here: Caterpillars (food source, grub source), butterflies, snails, and earthworms, and one mini boss.

    Mini Boss: Praying Mantis


SNAILS: Hard Shell Parts, Snail Slime

   Hard shells make for durable, heavy armor. Slime uses found below.


BUTTERFLIES: Wings, Bug Goop

   Butterfly Glider: Wings are an alternative to DANDELION tufts, for you to drift downwards. They will detioriate the same as tufts, but would last longer since they'd be the Tier 2 glider, with dandelions being Tier 1. 

  PET GEAR: Tiny wings to equip to your pets. Purely for aesthetics, just like the goggles. I think little chirping Aphids with tiny wings would be stupid adorable.


New building ideas: 

1. Mushroom roofs (..why don't we have these??)


2. Hot Tubs (made with charcoal chunks, stone, and acorn shells) - must be filled by the player (like the water basins) 


3. Slides (acorn shells, Snail slime, and stem), to quickly travel down. I.E: Upper floor of a large base back down to the ground without all the twists and turns of spiral staircases. 


4. Slime-N-Slides. I posted another thread about this. It's like flooring, but is a path you make to travel very quickly from Point A to Point B, on the ground. The primary ingredient of course would be Snail slime. The players would glide on their bellies from start to finish, unless they hit a button to 'roll off' and disengage - just like hopping off a zip line. 

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