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Many blueprints are missing

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I've been searching around the forum(s) for a while now and am not finding a solution to an issue I'm seeing.  I had ALL the Burg.L chips found and turned in.  I then purchased all the blueprints for them from Burg.L.  When Into the Woods was in Xbox Insider Hub preview (or whatever it's called) I signed up for it and played.  Once it went from the Insider Hub to the general preview I lost almost all the blueprints I had purchased.  Some stayed like the floating base/floor, curved walls, etc.  However, I am missing all of the mushroom brinks blueprints, pebblet floors, etc.  I would really like to not start all the way over to get them back.  Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix?

I'm on the PC running the game through Xbox Cloud.  Though it has the same issue if I use it via a local save on my Xbox One X.  Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with this.  

On a positive note:  I am loving this game.  Even with all the issues my son and I can't stop playing.  Thanks to the devs for making such a fun experience!

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