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Suggestion: Milk Cartons (permanent) or Posters (gatherable consumable)

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My friends and I have been having an absolute blast playing through the game. We've been taking our time, building bases and infrastructure and what not. Progressing only when we want something to do dungeon-wise.

That said, a buddy mentioned something the other night we all thought was funny and figured it'd be incredibly relevant to the game and the story. While we aren't that far into the overall story yet (we just finished Haze dungeon) my friend mentioned, 'Yo, we are a pack of four friends that are in their early teens that have been gone for 52 days. Where the hell are our parents?'

We had a good laugh about that, but then thought it'd be awesome if at certain days an item like a discarded milk carton appeared somewhere in the yard with a random player's portrait on it with a 'have you seen me?' picture on it. Or perhaps a missing person poster would blow into the yard that you can chop up and harvest the paper for to use in recipes, but would allow for the kids to mention something clever to the others. 'See Ally! Your parents DO care about you!'. There's so much other humorous  banter in the game, it'd be a nice reminder that time IS passing in the game, these kids DO want to go home, etc.

Keep up the great work, this game is by far the most fun survival game I've played, can't wait to see more!

ps - please reduce repair requirements or increase durability. We are finding most of our time during our limited game nights is spent gathering resources to repair again and again instead of exploring and seeing new content (now that we are into tier 2 equipment/tools). It is taking 15-20% of a weapon's or armor's durability (in a bad fight) just to get some resources to repair said weapons or armor. Almost not worth doing and just build new ones as you go.

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