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Bug part usage for into the woods

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The dustmites,scarabs, and black ox beetle are all new bugs with new parts oh! And termites too, the ladybird/larva are 2 new ones that do t drop anything g new besides the goop. I'd say they have already heard this a thousand and one times but here is my suggestion on what could help give people drive to hunt them.

1. The ladybird larva drops the same parts except the goop, well instead of them dropping acid everytime, why not make it a percentage to get spicy shards? Like still get the acid but every now and again killing one grants you 1-2 shards.

2. Ladybirds should drop their parts not to make a copy of ladybug armor like some suggest but should be part of some way to craft a their 3 spear, or a new vampire like cloak that makes your health regenerate if you kill a bug in a set amount of time same as the perks like barbarian and blademaster but with health instead of stamina, but is situational.

3. Bonus, im still not 100% sure about this but when scarabs burrow I dint think they come back that whole day, is it possible to make it when they burrow they come back up in a different spot way away from the player? So we don't accidentally run up on one or a few and lose our chance for it that day.

Thanks for taking the time to read these small suggestions I hope to see better bugs come in the future as well as some changes to current ones too if I can think of any changes that would benefit other players I will be sure to write them down and then post them here

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