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Increased resource drop chance mutations

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Towards the end game, you need to kill a lot of enemies for construction, smoothies, armour repair etc..
When I want to kill higher tier enemies with lots of health, I still feel forced to go back to kill A LOT of lower tier enemies for basic resources such as gas sacks and dust mites for arrows, mosquitos for their abdomens etc..
These mutations are to help acquire lower tier materials for basic needs, when you want to focus on higher tier progression.

Scavenger Mutation
Increased insect drops
Your time in the haze has made you an expert at disassembling fallen enemies
There is a **10** / **25** / **50 percent** chance that bugs will **drop double their resources.**

This mutation is levelled up by disassembling or looting dead insects in the haze.

Plunderer Mutation Increased chance of finding buried treasure
Discovering buried treasure has given you a keen eye, no resources go unnoticed
There is an increased chance that treasure will spawn.
This mutation is levelled up by digging up treasure.

Carver Mutation Increased chance of getting more drops from smashed resource nodes
You learned a thing or two about breaking resources
By breaking clay, quartzite, salt, spider sacks etc.. there is a 50% chance for them to drop 1-2, 1-3, 2-4 extra materials.
This mutation is levelled up by breaking tier 2 resource nodes.

**Mutation tiers**
Tier level 1/2/3/4/... of the mutation would affect the tier of the affected resource node.
Tier 1 = more rocks
Tier 2 = more salt
Tier 3 = more wood splinters

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