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New armours and areas and bugs

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Definitely been a fun ride with grounded would love to see new bugs like primantis, Flys, worms, even centipedes, or even a grand dad spider towering over you scary lol. But also like new tiers of armor and weapons more would be better even like base defense were u can build a big arrow system to shoot bugs something..       But also like the new bugs put in on the update of into the woods like the ladybird and larva why does it give u the same things as a lady bug should be better stuff not same. Definitely would love to see the area move more to house inside or new places this game has so much potential for years to come Definitely love the game and to see some little things change with what bug u kill gives u instead of same stuff from the others that have been out and maybe something different with the bosses u get something special from them to make one special weapon but gotta kill them all bosses saying to make it

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