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Weapon Focus Bonus for Soulbounbd Weapons? No UI indication it's there



Hello everybody,


I am sorry if that has been asked (I performed an extensive search), but I'll ask anyway.

I know that Soulbound Weapons are expected to benefit from any Wapon Focus talent I might have. So, I bought the War Club of the Mataru for Eder; he's specced into WF: Knight and has the appropriate WS and WM. I was planning to provide some much-needed one-handed crush-damage option for all those slash/piercve resistant enemies, but when I hover over the damage and accuracy boxes, no bonus from talents appear.  I then experimented with GM. She has Weapon Focus: Ruffian and when i give her the One-Eyed Molina I don't see the +6 WF bonus. All soulbound weapons receive bonus from their appropriate weapon focus group, though (i.e. GM gets a WF bonus when using War Club of the Mataru, Eder gets WF, WS and WM bonus for using Steadfast and so on).

Since I'm on my first run, I'm not sure whether:

  • this is "the normal" way the game handles soulbound items (i.e. the boni are there, but the UI does not display them). I tried to test it out, but the combat tooltip is too vague.
  • soulbound items belong to their respective WF groups as of the latest patch (even though I found no indication this was ever changed).
  • I f***ed things up by using mods. I only have the IE Mod, the Community Bugfix by Max Quest, the Tooltip Flicker Fix and a fix for One-Eyed Molina's Fancy-Named Crossbow. None of them seems to touch soulbound items.
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I found an answer! For those curious: soulbound items indroduced by the Deadfire pack do not belong in the "Universal" WF Class, but are treated as regular weapons: Mataru is in WF: Ruffian and Molina is in WF: Soldier. Molina is bugged anyway, because its 4th and 5th tier upgrades make her shoot slower rather than faster. For the Attack Rate issue there is a fix on the Nexus.


Thanks to _Oolon_ on Reddit for helping me out.

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