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What constitutes a house?

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Having an issue with the crafting/home music that is meant to appear when you're in your base. Both the day time and night time audio track doesn't play for me anymore.

This only happened after the last patch. Can anyone, quite easily if so, confirm if that music is present in their current game (ver onwards). Thanks.

(I'm asking because I first want to know if it's just me; I've already tried building a house with all essential amenities inside it. In an effort to mimic the logic in Terraria where you get the game to recognise a house... but I'm just taking shots in the dark here) 

(Another side note: what actually would constitute a house? So that Grounded recognises it and would then queue the music? Fully walled, a light, crafting bench and a lean to? Knowing this would help in finding a workaround)

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