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Attacks on the player's base

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It would be very interesting if the player's base was periodically attacked by groups of insects. This could be due to migration or a change in behavior during the mating season. Perhaps this type of tasks could appear in BURGL. This would introduce a new type of gameplay, something similar to tower defense.

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13 hours ago, Johnny Blood said:

My suggestion was rain would flush out the ants making them aggressive and attack you.

Yes, that's right! In addition, BURGL could give a task to hold a point or protect some substance that attracts hordes of insects, for example, a piece of sugar or a capsule with ferromones. Such mechanics will radically change the gameplay for a while, forcing the player to move from exploring the world to strengthening positions and thinking through defenses. It seems to me that this approach will give a lot of interesting emotions from the game. After repelling the attack, players will continue to explore the world, discussing what happened and drawing conclusions for future protection.

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