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Sacrificial Bloodlines Vela Bug&Incorrect Save Game Variables



I sacrificed Vela and gave the potion to Simoc ,however after importing my save to Deadfire she still appeared on the beach.I checked my save game and the variables are set to:

n_Simoc_State = 6

n_Vela_State  = 1

b_Have_Baby = 1


According to the wiki the correct variables should be:


n_Simoc_State = 6
n_Vela_State = 0
b_Have_Baby = 0


The bug technically  only affects Deadfire and the ending slide in PoE1 is correct but it is seems the game sets the wrong variables.I also noticed serveral other errors.When killing Rehstin during  "A Servant of Death" and convincing Erona to kill herself the variables should be (according to the wiki) :

n_Rehstin_State = 1
b_Archdruid_Rehstin_Dead = 1
n_Erona_State = 0
b_Erona_Suicide = 1

In my endgame save they are:

n_Rehstin_State = 0
b_Archdruid_Rehstin_Dead = 1
n_Erona_State = 9
b_Erona_Suicide = 1

It seems that some of the still existing import bugs in Deadfire are actually caused  by PoE 1 not setting the variables correctly.






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