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Hi guys, I'm a beginner and I'm in love with this game. Can ypu guys give me some tips on progressing ?

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Sorry for my english, it's not my prime language, but I'll try to do my best to explain what I did so far.

I started a few weeks ago and I beat "Perils of the Lost Cost" in all difficulties and "Burnt Offerings" 2-1 trough 2-3 on Heroic and 2-4/2-5 on Legendary difficulty . I don't think I'll be able to beat all of "Burnt Offerings" on Legendary, since beating Nualia on Heroic was terribly hard, so I guess I'll continue with the next adventure.

I tryied a 4 characters party when I started, but that proved to be to much for my beginner decks, I had more "time ended" than I thought I would, so i switched to a 3 characters party, and it's working well so far, my new party is Merisiel, Ezren and Kyra. I try to focus Merisiel and Ezren more on attack, and Kyra more on support, but since it's a small party I had to give some combat capabilities to Kyra too.

My build so far, I gave Merisiel DEX+2, Weapon Proficiency and a Weapon card slot. Ezren gor INT+2, Recovery and a spell card slot. Kyra got WIS+2, Weapon Proficiency and a Weapon slot. I know you'll find it strange why I gave Kyra WIS+2 if I'm making more weapon oriented, but the thing is, I didn't have Divine combat spells back than and had difficulty to recharge, but I had to rely her on weapons most of the time, also, I'm planning on giving her STR+ from now on.

Talking about cards specifically, I want to ask about Ezren's weapon slot. Whenever I get it on my hand, I just discard it. I know there are 2 great wepons I can have with him which are given by beating some of the last adventure's scenarios, but it'll take some time to get there. What can I use on his weapon slot before I get to that ?

Still talking about Ezren, I'm using so far, 7 combat spells, 1 Augury and 1 Charm Person. I know Charm Person is not that great, but it usually gives me an ally that can be discarded to explore, so I'm ok with that, lol. And besides, it can get me an ally that I want to use in a build, so it's usefull so far. Itens, are 1 Orb of Storm and 2 Codex to make it easyer to farm, but I plan to ditch them when I can get the Swipe spell, and the Staff of Heaven and Earth. Allyes are 2 Troubador(barriers are a problem) and 1 Pallegina(it may sound strange, but she helps with healing and shuffle the deck so I can get my spells that were recharged)

Merisiel should be my combat specialist, so her cards are oriented to that. I gave her Blackcloth Armor, Improved Sage's Jornal, Poog of Zarongel and Blessings that gives her more dies on combat. Also, to help with the healing, I gave her 1 Healing Poultice and 1 Father Zantus.

Talking about Merisiel, I heard some talking that Masterwork Tools falls on later stages. Is this right ? I think it's so much better than Thieves' Tools.

And about Kyra, I gave her Shock Glaives(weapon), 2 Cures, 1 Improved Aid, 2 Steel Ibis Lamellar(armor), 1 Orb of Storms(item), 1 Evangelist(ally) and Blessings that help her in combat. Also, those armors are pretty good, I mainly use them to help with barriers, but their reducing damage from almost anything is also great, even if she can't recharge them.


So, what do you guys think I can change to make the party better ? And have any tips for a beginner ?

Thank you


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