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stuff to add to grounded

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snakes in grounded enamy and bee stuff 

python (boss)
garden snakes 

bee hive on top of the big oak tree which has bee's that attack's you in the hive and there is a queen bee boss the queen bee drops and stinger (used for a club and a dagger) and a queen bee win which a permanent glider 

python will drop venom and a tooth which is used for a club and dagger 

soviet dillpick (Xbox username)
and notyummyf

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Access to Multiplayer Game without Online Game Host Available

It would be nice to access my friend's (host) multiplayer world when he isn't available to play. There are so many things I would like to craft and prepare for while I'm available and he is not.

Be able to type in the seed and the password for the world, kind of like Minecraft.


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