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How to run game with visual effects on

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Since I started playing this game on a newer pc that I couldn't run it with the buffer effects on. For some reason the option is greyed out in the menu and adding the "Enablesoftshadows" line in the .ini does not unlock it still. I have also tried the atioglxx.dll solution and din´t work either. Even if I managed to unlock it somehow, chances are that the game would crash on loading any save or when exiting character creation. So my question is: Is there a way I can comfortably run this game with the effects on? My pc runs on Windows 7 and I have an Intel HD graphics card. I mostly want it for the Force Sight ability, the game is not the same without it (in rcm you can even unlock it for your character) but also other small details like stealth and blurr effects on force speed etc. 

If not possible to unlock and run, is there any visual mod (rcm compatible) that somehow adds those effects for those who cannot run the game with the effects on? Thanks for any help.

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Well I found a fix! For anyone intrested it was simple: I bought the game on steam. I read somewhere that the steam version allowed players to tick the frame buffer effects option on the menu.

I applied a few of the fixes mentioned before but I don´t know wich one in particular allowed me to get past the crashes because I did it before playing and was able to run the game without problems.

I am even able to play on fullscreen using flawless widescreen. 

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