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Questions Regarding Kreia & Hanharr During DS Playthrough

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Hey, first time posting. I love these games & I'm excited to talk to y'all in general, but my current issue is this: I am so confused. I'm just finishing up my 2nd playthrough, going as a DS character this time (planning on trying out guns next time, didn't realize their damage potential until messing around with creating upgrades this 2nd go-around.) Anyways if it matters I'm playing on mobile so no restoration mods or anything. Anyways, when doing a DS run, during the Jekk-Jekk-Tarr mission, you control Hanharr to kill Mira and escape whilst letting the Exile out from the tunnel maze. The last you see is hanharr leaving, and then maybe also with Kreia and the Jedi Master in that one cutscene I don't remember. Either way, why on earth does the same cutscene from the LS playthrough wherein Kreia ressurects Hanharr in the fighting pit after being "killed" by you as Mira, still play? It completley came out of left field, or at least seemed like so to me, and confused me a great deal. Any help/just general comments about the game would be greatly appreciated. I've played the first game over a dozen times across my whole life since probably 7 or 8 years of age and am a huge fan. I just recently got the ability to play the second when it hit andrioid, and like I said am gearing up for a third playthrough. I'm super excited by/passionate about these two games, and though most of the weird stuff in TSL can be waved away as being because of time limitations, this in particular really threw me. Thanks everybody! Look forward to discussing this game. :)

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On 7/17/2021 at 8:46 PM, Mr. Golden said:

Kreia LS or Ds resurrects Hannharr because she can use him as a pawn. Either to hunt down Mira ( LS) or draw the main character (you) to the dark side.

Right, but why would there still be a cutscene of her ressurecting Hanharr on the DS playthrough where he A) Didn't die in the pit and B) Already made a deal with you to work together?

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