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Group able to access save

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Love grounded think it's great fun but one HUGE issue is the not being able to play unless the host is available. Be perfect if everyone in a group could access a save to be able to keep playing, to add to a base, to find new things, to collect resources. This is the only real flaw that stops me and my friends playing more than we would like to. Seems silly having 4 different saves all at different points in the game when you all want to work on one base. I know it's still effectively game preview but it would be nice to have a definite answer to if this will be possible in the future if not it makes a great multiplayer game in to a lonely single player. 


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That's right, it would be really nice if you have 4 people but 2 can't play that evening, the other 2 or just 1 could continue to play and if everything would have to play together again the next day, the games from the previous evening would have to be there for everyone and not that you have to do everything all over again.

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Seeing as the save file is saved to a server can't the game just register the save ID to all players on it? That way anyone who has played on it has access just give the original host control over who can access it same as a minecraft realm

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