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Difficulty changer and Hard Mode

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How Hard Mode currently is right now, is...dissapointing, I was hoping for a fun challenge but it turned out to be more annoying, after playing for over 20 hours on a new world I am still stuck with mostly tier 1 tools, weapons and armor, wich shouldn't really be the case, I should have progressed to tier 2 long ago but the decreased durability on tools is holding me back from doing so. I don't mind it being more difficult, like taking more damage and food and water needed to be consumed more often but the durability on tools should be kept the same as on Normal Mode. Decreased durability made me use cheaper and more niche items more often like the eyepatch because when killing things I have to hit the creature less times, just to keep as much durability as possible, not a good reason to use the eyepatch but it seems like the only way, so fix it and or add the option to change difficulty in a world save so that I don't have to deal with this. I have high hopes for this game, wich  I already expressed through my review on Steam, but please fix it, I almost begging you to do this.

Thank you in advance and happy coding!

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