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[suggestion] Ability to have the immersive HUD Max has in the 1st trailer

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It's awesome how he looks at the SCA.B to check his Health, Stamina, Hunger and Thirst. (pic below, steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/962130/Grounded/ first video after the Koi fish pic, from the right to the left, second 0:08 ) 
Basically, players would have to option to enable or disable this immersive HUD. They will have no HUD while running, exploring, etc, and in order to check their health, stamina, etc they will need to press a button that will do that "check the hour" animation to check the SCA.B (left arm). Made it as a completely optional feature that players could toggle off HUD or on in accessibilities.
Link to the picture:

2021-06-25 (3) (1).png

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