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Koifish pathing and implementation.

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The Koifish need fixed, On launch the two koifish posed an interesting and fun mechanic as an enemy you have to avoid but still manages to not be annoying. Since the removal of the second koifish the pond is boring to return to when farming clay as all I do is avoid droves of spiders. In the dozens of hours I've played since finishing pond lab I haven't had a single natural encounter with the fish, The only one I had was when I went was to check it wasn't stuck (which it appears to be in the north-east of the pond with the large swarm of tadpoles)


The koifish stays down one end of the pond and is simply never seen, it may as way not be in the game, acting with less of an impact on the game than the crow which at least drops feather.


I think the second koifish should be returned and the ai of both should be rolled back to allow greater movement around the pond.

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