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New equipment slot: Back

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New equipment slot: back

Equipment types cape/expanded backpack.

Expanded backpacks have two crafting tiers.

Tier 1-  Acorn Pack: 2x acorn shells, 2x clover, 4x crude rope.  Description: An acorn half shell with a clover lid and two crude arm loops. Expands storage by 10 spaces.

Tier 2- Berry Rucksack: 4x berry leather, 4x bug rubber, 6x silk string.  Description:  A military style rucksack meticulously crafted and sewn out of berry leather.  Bug rubber provides additional padding and water proofing.  Expands storage by 20 spaces.

Capes:  due to common request if you were to implement a back slot you would need to include the option for non backpack items like capes as well.

There would be lots of options for bonuses styled after their crafting components like grub hide for endurance or bee fuzz for acrobatics.  Another and I think better route so it doesn’t compete with current buffs though, would be dmg resistances. spider parts for poison resistance, bombardier beetle for acid and, ladybug parts for the winning physical dmg resistance bonus.  

These would add a bit of flavor for players to experiment with their characters as well as enhance certain gameplay elements like spider and bombardier beetle hunting.




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