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Teleportation pad (reclaimed lab equipment)

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Game content idea:  After finding Burg’l Chip Electronics.  Burg’l will unlock recipes for certain lab equipment that can be built into bases as well as the ability  to harvest electronic components and batteries  from computers and equipment in labs.  These components & batteries can be used with bug rubber (expanding its use) to craft advanced electronics used in making a teleportation pad that can be used to travel instantly from base to base, or location to location.  Only the difficulty in acquiring these endgame resources will determine its availability.

Backstory, this teleportation  technology actually  predated his miniaturization  technology, but was too unstable to be used,  he later discovered that it was the amount of matter he wanted to teleport that became too unstable, and that he could correct the process by reducing its scale.


really enjoy the game, sometime it’s just a chore running from one base to another on opposing sides of the map.  Something like this could be really cool.

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