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Crickets at night

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I just wanted throw out the idea of adding crickets at some point. The sound I think would add tons to the atmosphere at night. I remember camping in my backyard as a kid and it was always louder than during the day and seemed more alive. The addition of the fireflies I think helped that visually, but some crickets would add much to the sound atmosphere. Their jumping would make hunting them a fun challenge. Some cricket armor that maybe added to jump distance and possibly a double jump if you had a full set would be neat. They could perhaps have a sonic attack thats disorienting, i dunno.

Also to all the devs. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You have created a beautiful world that is massively fun to play in. It is exceptional work without even being complete yet and I can't wait to see where you take it next. I believe you have a future classic on your hands. I also love that you made it early access and have shown a wonderful commitment to communicating with your fans. I hope more of the industry takes note


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