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Rapt Handler Armor on male clipping issue/lack of third person is killing me :’(

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Okay so first I’d like to mention how the raptidon handler male model clips from the back on the right shoulder? Like it’s not been placed right like the left one has... so annoying. Pls fix devs if you see this. Also I feel like I’m in FNV but better cos everything’s more colourful and vibrant and OUTER SPACE! but then I get the urge to swap to third person mode then I’m like oh wait... :( I don’t get why it would be so time consuming and expensive to add... I for one would even pay for the option maybe a third dlc? Like why don’t they have the models/animations of whatever for all the movements/actions when the companions basically mirror everything you can do and you can see them in third person??? Like am I missing something lol? 

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