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DLC and Brave New World Bug

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At first I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm a french player and not very good with the language.

Here's my problem. I had finished the game and to make DLC Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos, I have created a save as the game offers the one that I have made in face of Phineas, just before the final dialogue. Everything goes well, I finish every main and side quest from the DLC, and then I run the last mission Brave New World. But most of the ennemy are dead, I don't meet the chairman, the reinforcement from Monarque wait nicely in their corner, and the elevator door for the final boss is locked.

My supposition is that the game have taken in count my precedent run in Tartarus and let the level in the state where I left him when I made the save to play to the DLC. Normaly t wouldn't be a problem, after all I juste want to see the cinematic ending with the effect of my choice, but the locked elevator door prevents me to enter in the last room. Does a solution exist to this problem ? Have I to use a mod a mod to access to the developper's consol ?

Thanks for reading and, once again, sorry for my bad english.


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I have the exact same problem.  I have watched various videos and in every one, you get to that final elevator, and it's wide open, but not for me.

I even went back to an earlier save, went through the Pit again, did everything I was supposed to, and the elevator still isn't open.

Is this a bug?  Or did I miss something I was supposed to do to get it open?

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I can confirm the same has happened to me as OP posted. I went back to my old save today, seeing I had Brave New World left with all my choices from the DLC. Encountered the same things in Tartarus. I had gone back to the main game for the DLC on this one too. 

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