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Bees unaffected by spike traps

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Pc(steam) single player

I've built many lure traps with over a dozen spike traps surrounding the lure flowers in the area of the bee hive and other areas and it will attract bees, but they seem to be unaffected by them. The bees will fly right to the lure and hover at a 45 degree angle and not take any damage. They don't even damage the spike traps either.  I don't know if it is because of the angle at which the eat the lure or if it is just a bug at the moment, but it doesn't make much sense that all the other insects will take damage from spike traps but not bees. They drink their nectar and fly away unscathed.  

Grounded_2021.04.29-22.35.35 (2).png

Grounded_2021.04.29-22.36.09 - Copy.png

Grounded_2021.04.29-22.36.51 - Copy.png

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